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The Rugby Sevens Survival Guide


For those of you who have never played rugby sevens, for a start you have never lived, but never fear, this guide will help you make the most of a sevens weekend and stop you making the mistakes (though often hilarious) on and off the pitch that I have before.

The un-official Kit list…

The Essentials;

  • Beers - Enough to last the whole day ( Or enough cash to get the rounds in between matches)

  • Water - You don’t want to start the de-hydration early.. (Sevens is bloody tiring, do not replace with more beers)

  • Jazzy Kit - Sevens is basically one massive peacock fest, so you & your team need an absolutely outrageous kit to stand out

  • Sun-cream - For you pasty individuals such as myself, trust me.

  • Baby-Wipes - Your very own all in one shower


  • Teeny Tiny shorts - Has become a norm, gotta flex those quads somehow

  • Condoms - If you’re lucky… (We call them Tropic-doms round here #IfYouKnowYouKnow)

  • Shit Shirt (Makes you the coolest cat at the afterparty)

  • Bucket hat (Nothing says party animal like one of these, can often come in handy in unexpected ways…)

General advice…

Pace yourself. On and off the pitch this is my golden rule. I always end up burning myself out after the first two matches so remember you have a full day of rugby and don’t peak too soon. Furthermore, I hear the 7’s afterparties are brilliant but I couldn’t vouch for that myself because I’ve never made it past 7pm due to the drink. On that note, this is just a quick public service announcement to not give into peer pressure and *down it* if its over 10%. Also starting the shots at 10am may sound like a good idea at the time but just

PACE YOURSELF with the booze. (Unless you’re ard)

Make friends. Sevens tournaments are the perfect place to have a laugh and get to know fellow players. Most teams don’t take themselves too seriously or have any major rivalries so make sure you bring your banter A game and you’ll always end up with a few new pals by the end of the Day/Weekend.

Stay safe. Needs little explanation. If you happen to get lucky with one of your new “pals” over the weekend make sure you know where your Tropic-doms are and that it’s not someone you may awkwardly encounter in the future for whatever reason…

Don’t always expect to outpace a prop. They may look like a melted wheelie bin but I have been absolutely mullered a few times expecting to step people bigger than me. Us rugby lads and lasses are deceptively nimble on our toes so always be prepared.

Remember where you put up your tent. There is nothing worse than stumbling around a campsite for hours at the end of a long day of rugby booze and debauchery. Making sure you bring an eye-catching tent or put it up somewhere memorable unless you are willing to adapt and overcome. (I’ll let you use your imagination there)

You’ll see - Your very own all in one shower.ific… during matches where there are hot and sweaty rugby lads and lasses involved, just sit back and enjoy the view. However expect to see some gory injuries walking past the first aid tent and some absolute states after a few bevs. .


Alice Smith

Tropic Nation Intern

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