(Eiger CEO, Guy Richardson - Trophy presentation, Jungle Sevens 2019)

We are incredibly lucky, to work with many fantastic brands as partners and sponsors. Notably so, with Eiger Performance.  

"Eiger Performance excels in providing Leadership, Culture and High Performance Team and Individual development training across the sport, corporate, and education sectors." 

As one of our headline partners, we have seen our relationship with Eiger and CEO Guy Richardson grow. As such, all of our facet's have benefited from not only their support as sponsor, but also learning in leadership and

creating a high performance environment. This is

seen on the pitch, as we strive to launch our rugby

sevens team's into elite arenas, but especially off

it; in our community outreach work through Project

Tropic Nation. 

Tropic Nation and Eiger's synergy has seen Eiger's

brand leading the Leeds Jungle Sevens festival,

both Tropics 7s men's and women's teams, and

play a large part in the development of Project

Tropic Nation. We look forward to bringing you more news from the exciting and dynamic partnership, as we continue to work together. To find our more about Eiger, visit their website here

(Eiger CEO, Guy Richardson with the Tropic Nation women's team 2019)